Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dirtbag Stuff: Triple 9

Have you seen the trailer to Triple 9 yet? This one's either going to be a masterpiece or an abhorrent mess.

I'll probably enjoy it either way.

In the trailer we've got Aaron Paul with a seedy haircut. We've got Woody Harrelson as a seemingly-corrupt cop. But damn, we've also got neon paint flying around, colored smoke, a plastic bag full of bloody teeth, a werewolf mask, a strip club, and lots of sweaty faces.

I don't really care what the story is—I suspect this is going to be good. It looks like a slick, contemporary take on the 1982 classic Vice Squad. And I mean that as a huge compliment.

Triple 9 hits theaters on February 26th, by the way. 

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